Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Vision and its impact on history

- What would have been India's geography and history (and of course religious status) had Chanakya or any other rulers had a vision to build a wall similar to Great Wall after consolidating kingdom??? May be world would have witnessed united India?
In our case, it was simpler as we had Khyber pass and western borders near Iran to cover up... unfortunately, NO vision. This not only resulted into fragmented India, but also made million (may be a billion) to suffer through various holocaust in last 1000 years and created unstable future. We now, also see how it has changed politically, geographically and historically and religiously. Religious change is more dangerous in future the way it was in the past.
- In spite of Buddhism as major religion in China, they didn't believe in meek submission to karma, instead they fought for - what is 'right' for self/ people/nation. Peace is meaningless when a king can't protect himself or his kingdom. This mindless 'peace' destroyed 'Kshatriya blood' among Indians that was taught by Lord Krishna in "Gita" to fight for 'what is right', which is required to protect and rule the kingdom. Kshatriya blood (not the caste, but based on the personal traits needed for the role and in this case it is worrier) is so important for protection and prosperity of the nation.